Fast 360 feedback service

Only 4 steps to activate the 360 degree feedback service:
And it's that simple! If you have any questions, please contact us

Download the survey result SAMPLE!

First 5 users are always FREE, a 10 day trial is included in our monthly Starter plan - this means you can test with up to 20 co-workers. 

What happens when the trial period ends?

When the trial period ends your credit card will be charged automatically. If you cancel your trial or subscription, you will no longer be able to send out new questionnaires, but you can still see the results of past surveys.

How is the billing system built up and how do we count users?

The billing system is based on actual users working in your organization. Partners or clients taking part of the survey will not be counted as users. This means you can add as many respondents to any survey's customer and/or client sections as you like. 

What is Upsteem? is an online talent management environment. One part of our service is the FAST 360 degree feedback tool. You can also use the rest of our services including appraisals, personnel satisfaction surveys and social intranet. Read more HERE!

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