Overview of feedback process and display of statistics

Upsteem enables a live overview of how far along the structure units in your company are with the feedback and performance appraisal process. Summaries assembled as data entered .

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Upsteem provides transparency to the performance appraisal process and lets you analyze statistics immediately. Forms are archived in the system and accessible to both managers and employees. 

Overview of surveys

Surveys’ overview is visible to HR specialists across the company and to managers across their department. Thanks to filters you can choose detailed info which is vital

  • Diagram of the status of all surveys in the company
  • Diagram of responses based on role of responder
  • Time, unit and job group filters
  • Filters based on survey type and responder groups
  • List of filtered surveys
  • Manager level access based on subordinate units
  • Overview across the company for HR managers 

Survey’s responders’ view

As a manager or HR manager you have an overview who has or hasn’t responded to the feedback or performance appraisal questionnaire. Send reminders across the company or to single employees

  • Transparency in the performance appraisal process
  • Adding responders to surveys
  • Live overview of responses
  • Sending reminders to single participants, units or across the company
  • Results immediately visible 

Statistical comparisons and statements

Live comparison in the system by department or job group. Gather data via performance appraisals and feedback surveys. All data downloadable in excel. 

  • Detailed statistics for every response across all surveys
  • Comparisons by department or job group as histograms
  • All data downloadable for further analysis
  • Downloadable data applies to the system’s security rules for surveys
  • Additional analysis from Upsteem as a service 
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