QUICKLY ADOPTABLE, SIMPLY APPLICABLE, COMFORTABLE AND EFFICIENT SOCIAL INTRANET ENVIRONMENT! is a social intranet created for companies. The goal of the environment is ensuring the exchange of information within companies and with its external clients. Additional business services are feedback and talent management. The result is an efficient solution for self-service of employees, talent management and exchange of information that can be adopted fast.

We offer:

Self-service of employees allows to forward and compile training plans, holiday requests and schedules, also to ensure information exchange related to forwarding and processing cost documents and invoices within the company.

The solution can be integrated with existing services and employees can also log in with the same password. The list of services is available HERE!

The offered solution expands the usual understanding of extranets or sections intended for clients in companies’ intranets. The solution offered by automatically joins clients and services providers in an unified information environment.


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Upsteem offers wide range of services for gathering feedback,
improving personnel management and arranging information
exchange within organisation!

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