Online satisfaction survey environment saves time and money

An online satisfaction survey environment is a simple solution for the respondent as well as for the conductor of the survey. Online environments also have a lot of opportunities, i.e. other staff research can also be conducted, such as the 360-degree feedback and development interviews.

Main types of satisfaction surveys

Every organization needs feedback, whether positive or negative. Annual satisfaction surveys help enhance the current activities of the organization, solve problems, adopt decisions and find new opportunities of marketing.

Types of satisfaction survey:

  • Employee or staff satisfaction surveys the main type of satisfaction survey is the staff satisfaction survey. These enable to get feedback on the employees’ need for training, expectations, motivation and overall satisfaction with work.
  • Client or consumer satisfaction surveys this survey gives useful information on what to develop and how, so that there would be more loyal and satisfied customers. Satisfied customers also recommend the organization to the people around them.
  • Partner satisfaction surveys in addition to the above, feedback from cooperation partners is highly important. Better cooperation enables to provide even better products or services to clients.

Awareness of the satisfaction of the employees, clients and partners of your organization is very much necessary for the functioning and development of a successful company.

Why choose the research environment of

Upsteem is a comfortable staff development system which can be applied fast and easily. Internal information is consolidated into a uniform intranet environment where everyone can immediately see most recent news and notices.

Benefits of the Upsteem environment in conducting satisfaction surveys:

  • easy to use;
  • the solution is also suitable for process or internal client surveys;
  • self-made form templates or ready-made examples;
  • surveys are completely anonymous or named;
  • sending reminders within the survey;
  • results can be seen immediately;
  • the same solution can be used in future years;
  • many additional options – integrates with other services of

Satisfaction surveys should be conducted by smaller and larger companies which wish to make the work of the organization even more effective. The online survey environment is easy to implement and use and what is more, it lets the manager focus on his or her primary activity.

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