Time to Retool Your Evaluation & Appraisal Process

By Kyle Buzzell | @upsteem.com

Would you agree that the world of evaluations and appraisals is changing? If so, continue reading!

Would you also agree that your process needs to be efficient to ensure that your feedback is relevant? If yes, read on!

Lastly (just one more, I promise…), can we further agree that the tools you use are meant to ensure that a process is smooth? I think I heard a resounding, “YES!” 

Now that we are in agreement, I feel comfortable telling you that it is time to retool if your primary tool is some form of paper filing system or word processor (I don’t care how sophisticated your file system is).

Word is a great tool for writing because it makes the writing process efficient, but there is software that makes HR processes efficient.

When software is built around your needs, it allows you to master your process. For instance, not only can you evaluate employees, but you can evaluate your evaluation processes…

Now, your evaluation and appraisal processes can be centralized, accessible, processible, and analyzable (whoa, suffix overload).

Simply put, without such a system, you are searching a cave with a pin light.

If a software application provided the following functionality, how much time (and time IS money) would you save?  

   1. Ability to centralize everything below into one filterable view:
           - performance appraisals
           - 360° evaluations
           - satisfaction surveys
           - client surveys
           - exit interviews
           - project based feedback

   2. Ability to drill for data according to survey status, department, professional group, or respondent

   3. Ability to specify time period

   4. Ability to create reports and export to Excel for deeper analysis

With the functionalities above, your process flow would look like this:

360° evaluation > filter “manager” > specify “last two quarters” > create report

Compared to the process flow above, how does yours stack up?  

At Upsteem, we will help you evaluate your evaluation and performance processes and assist you in maximizing their efficiency. We haven’t figured out how to stretch the hours past 24 (see long-term project), but, we can help you check off more tasks during those precious hours.

Call or message us today to discuss your unique needs and how we can help. In the meantime, sign-up for our newsletter to stay informed!  

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