first LIVE - 25.03.2011

We are happy to announce, that has launched the basic environment of future services in LIVE version

The first software version enables communication in groups created within organisations and/or companies as well as with partners outside the organisation. It is possible to create and tune your organisation ‘s  structure, which will become the base for further services. Our system enables to realise common projects as well as guarantee the information flow among organisations. We believe that our solution gives project-based organisations even better possibility to  cooperate. starts with 13 organisations and 17 users. was registered on 15 April 2010, we have spent the following months on software development. In the coming months a variety of additional funcionalities shall be introduced. The ideas, which form the bases of the system, have been worked on for 3 years. has received support for development activities from the  of the European Union Structural Funds as well as the Republic of Estonia. is a registered trademark.

We wish You al lot of success and stamina!

Your team

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